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August 02, 2007


celebrity movie archive

Very democratic prices. Lots categories of goods. Perfect shop.

Susie Machemehl

RSVP....I'll be there!
Susie M

erin kate

Ha...this is too funny! i do this all the time...if i didn't have those colors i would have had these...my dress would have been this...i don't think i'd change my cake though...it was yummy!...or my husband for that matter! he's perfect!


Can I come to your pretend wedding? Sounds AAAmazing!

Stephanie O.

Um, can I come??? Good choice with the Melisaa Sweet gown. LOVE her stuff! Happy Anniversary!!!


I guess we have another thing in common. Love me some Ben Folds!!

Stacy Cross

Hahahahaha! I love it ALL! :) This is amazing!


I do have 1 glaring CORRECTION M'Lady! Rather than DMB I would none other than the multi-talented Hannah Montana to perform! No one does pathos like our little Miley Cyrus! Well, in all seriousness, I would have Oliver as my Best Man (television's own Hannah Montana co-star), and Jamie Cullum to sing because of the way m'lady glows when he sings!


I've been to San Miguel de Allende w/ National Geographic for a photography workshop. It's an amazing little town full of ex-pats. There's a great liquor store outside of town where you can buy beer in bulk for cheap. Be sure to check out the mercado and all the amazing iglesias!

Dustin Steller

That sounds and looks like the perfect wedding for you! ;-)

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